Addicticks TRexplorer

Addicticks TRexplorer is an advanced explorer for content on a Thomson Reuters TREP infrastructure or directly from any OMM Provider.




TRexplorer isn't yet another market data desktop application. It is designed especially for IT professionals (support, developers) and Market Data Administrators and offers a very rich feature set for this group. It is also user friendly enough for the occasional market data consumer from mid- or back-office. 

TRexplorer offers far better insight into your market data system or feed than any other alternative.





  • Connections
    • Connect-as
    • Connect to multiple endpoints concurrently. (for example you can compare - in realtime - items from different endpoints)
    • Name, save and re-reuse connections.
    • Auto-connect. A connection marked with "auto-connect" will automatically attempt to connect when TRexplorer starts up.
    • Auto-recovery.
    • Connection Tester.
    • SSH Tunneled connections (connect to feeds behind firewalls)
  • Items
    • View items (RICs) in real-time or as snapshots.
    • Click-through. Click on some text and TRexplorer will try to open the item represented by the text you clicked on.
    • Automatic Page detection.
    • Automatic IDN Chain detection. Chains are displayed as a list.
    • Support for MARKET_PRICE and SYMBOL_LIST. More to come.
  • Dictionary
    • View deep field information, including value set (for Enums) and field comments.
    • Dictionary age warning
  • Other
    • Export to Excel
    • Advanced tracing of OMM messages
    • Zero-install option (can work off an USB stick)

 ... and a lot more.



It's free

TRexplorer is free. There's no cost and no hidden surprises. TRexplorer isn't malware, spyware or anything like that. It is simply a way for us to brand our company.




TRexplorer runs on

  • Windows. Anything later than Windows 7 SP1.  Both 32-bit and 64-bit are supported.
  • Mac OS X: 10.8.3+, 10.9+ or later.
  • Linux: Any distro which uses the 2.6 kernel or later.



Screenshots of specific features


  • Define multiple connection profiles and connect them concurrently




  • Connection Test




  • View connection properties (server capabilities)




  • Additional data item info




  • Chain autodetection and display




  • Message tracing




  • Field information




  • SSH Tunneled connections