With our detailed knowledge of financial data, market data technology and our development capacity we can provide a number of services, in particular around TREP (Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform):

  • Have some data that needs publishing ? We provide bespoke development of providers for TREP.
  • Need to consume TREP data in another system? Building a TREP consumer can be a daunting task especially if the consumer uses more than just the most simple features.
  • Legacy porting of old Marketfeed or SASS3 applications to newer APIs.


Your benefits: Most often we can do these tasks at a fraction of the cost and time that it would take to do it in-house, simply because we can leverage our existing assets, knowledge and experience.

We are a Thomson Reuters Solution Partner and believe our knowledge in that domain is unrivalled.


We provide custom development services to both regular customers (e.g. banks) as well as to ISVs who are looking to 'outsource' this form of development for their product.


Our bespoke services can be tailored to fit your needs:

  • As a one-off development. We develop and hand over the source code. You retain the full ownership.
  • As a bespoke development followed by a Support & Maintenance contract for the future. You retain the full ownership.
  • As a co-sponsored product. We own the developed product but you get the benefit of 'productization' and an attractive prize.