Addicticks Avenue


Avenue provides a request/reply based gateway into one or more different market data systems.




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  • Reduces the effort needed to retrieve market data to near zero.
  • Makes market data available to practically any type of application and platform.
  • Multiplies the group of people in your organisation that can "write an interface that retrieves market data".
  • Standardizes the way snapped market data is retrieved throughout your organisation.
  • Puts content control in the hands of those who need the data in your organisation, not those who happen to own the IT infrastructure. Yet unlike traditional solutions Avenue retains the ability for the market data IT owner to have full visibility into who, what and when.
  • Gives your organization full data usage compliance. Avenue is fully compliant with the relevant data usage control mechanism (e.g. DACS) and makes sure that the ultimate consumer is registered as the data usage entity as opposed to any intermediary application/gateway that happened to request the data on behalf of the ultimate consumer.


Avenue exposes the market data system as a web service and can therefore make the otherwise somewhat inaccessible data available to consumers on any platform and any language.

Avenue is well suited for the many cases where the consuming applications only require snapshots of market data from time to time but have high requirements for things like time consistency and transparency. This is where Avenue excels and opens up the data on the market data systems for consumption using a standard based method.

Avenue saves considerable time and effort in the organization because snap consumers no longer have to write bespoke interfaces in order to retrieve real-time market data. It leverages existing technology and standards and for the first time it also opens for consumption from platforms such as mainframes and languages like Cobol.

Avenue is non-disruptive. It augments your existing infrastructure.


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