Co-sponsored products

Sometimes you may have an idea for a solution in the market data technology space which would potentially be relevant for other customers as well.

We really, really like to make products out of what we do. There's nothing wrong with a custom development but a product is so much more: superior documentation, more robust because the user base is larger and therefore gives more rigorous testing, dedicated life-cycle management, etc.

Sometimes you can have the best of two worlds. A development where you bring the idea but where we productize it.

  • You accept that we can market and sell the product to other customers.
  • We accept that the cost for you is lower for such a product. We call it 'splitting the cost'.


Bring us your idea and we'll assess the feasibility of the idea. In the end it depends on a number of factors such as our market expectations for such a product and whether or not the product is a natural addition to our portfolio.


If this doesn't suit your needs you can also use our bespoke services.