Addicticks TRemulator

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Addicticks TRemulator simulates a real-life Thomson Reuters infrastructure (TREP-RT) or any feed source that acts as a Thomson Reuters OMM Provider.

TRemulator can be used to:

  • Develop a consumer application without access to a real-life infrastructure.
  • Make a functionality test of a consumer application against multiple types of scenarios concerning the published data or the data source.
  • Act as a developer's local feed source. TRemulator can be used in a desktop solution where each developer essentially has his own feed source over which he can exercise full control.
  • Load test a consumer application.
  • Load test a TREP-RT infrastructure.
  • Validate third-party applications.
  • As a market data source when doing product demos.


Ease of use

While TRemulator is extremely advanced we have made sure that it publishes data straight out-of-the-box. You don't have to be an expert on OMM message exchange in order to use TRemulator. Just fire it up and it works. When you get more comfortable with the software you can gradually start using some of TRemulator's more advanced features.





TRemulator comes in three different editions : BASIC, PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE.

  • The BASIC edition is offered for free to users from eligible organizations. It is a restricted version of the PROFESSIONAL edition. With this version you should be able to cover your basic needs. If all you need is a test source that can publish MARKET_PRICE content then this is for you.
  • The PROFESSIONAL edition gives you the full power of TRemulator. It has all the advanced features with the exception of running the Publishing Server on a non-desktop platform. This edition is licensed on a per-user basis but the licensed organization is allowed to change the licensed user name from time to time (at most every 6 months). This way the license can be passed on from one colleague to another.
  • The ENTERPRISE edition gives you the full power of TRemulator plus the ability to run the Publishing Server on a server platform. For example you can have the Publishing Server running on a Linux/Unix box and perhaps acting as a source to your TREP-RT while managing it remotely from a Windows desktop using the TRemulator Manager application. In this scenario TRemulator can benefit any user on your site. This edition is licensed on a per-organization basis.


Technical details


TRemulator is an advanced OMM Provider application. When a consumer application connects to the TRemulator Publishing Server it will seem to the consumer application as if it  is connected to a real-life TREP-RT infrastructure or any type of OMM Provider feed.

The Provider application, called the Publishing Server, can be remotely managed and monitored via the TRemulator Manager. This enables you to perform operations on the published data 'on-the-fly'.  Once the Publishing Server is started consumer applications can connect to it and consume data from it.


The published data comes from a set of XML files the format of which is fully documented. However TRemulator comes bundled with a data pack with the most typical data items and as such it is a ready-to-go application. The sample files consist of a REFRESH message definition as well as any number of UPDATE message definitions. When a consumer connects to TRemulator and starts a subscription for a particular data item TRemulator will first send the REFRESH message to the consumer followed by the UPDATE messages played in an endless loop until the subscription is cancelled. The messages will be played at the publishing speed you decide.

TRemulator can publish data very fast and with little effort. On most hardware systems the limitation is likely to be how fast data can be pushed to the network.

TRemulator runs on Windows and Linux.




Feature comparison





Data models

(more to come)
(more to come)
Admin domain
Consumer connection Localhost
Any host
Any host
Manager connections
Any host
No of concurrent published data items
No of published services 1 Unlimited Unlimited
No of concurrent consumer connections 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Item publishing speed Max speed: one update per 5 second Unrestricted Unrestricted
Recorder  Yes Yes Yes
Scenario Builder  Yes Yes Yes
Application auto-update  Yes Yes Yes
Pause and resume Yes Yes Yes
State change No Yes Yes
Custom update No Yes Yes
Single-step publication No Yes Yes

Slow consumer visual indication

Yes Yes Yes
Dictionary groups 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-part message Yes Yes Yes
IDN chains Yes Yes Yes
Partial field update Yes Yes Yes
Binary content and double-byte content Yes Yes Yes


Unless otherwise specified "Unlimited" means limited only by the available memory.




TRemulator Start Server

This is a launcher application for the Publishing Server. While the Publishing Server itself is very advanced the launcher application is quite simple. It just asks for a few parameters, you press a button and the Publishing Server is started. Normally you wouldn't look much at this application and probably have it minimized. The ENTERPRISE edition allows to start the Publishing Server as a background job / service and does not require the launcher.


TRemulator Manager

TRemulator Manager

This is where the action is. Using the Manager you can control and monitor the operation of the Publishing Server. Context menus (right-click) are used for exposing the actions that can be taken on the various nodes. The TRemulator Manager doesn't have to be running in order for the Publishing Server to operate.


All videos are deliberately without sound.








The example data which is delivered with TRemulator is doctored data that has never existed in real life. The actual contents (the values) of the example data are meaningless but the data is more than adequate for development purpose and is a true reflection of how data is structured on a real-life feed.